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Limitations...are good

I've been reflecting on limitations as the theme inevitably arises in all our personal and professional lives. And I've come to the conclusion that limitations are good. In fact, limitations are what makes life meaningful, and what anchors professional projects into manifestation.

Limits on a project can be...

Building codes

Zoning ordinance

Environmental impact

Climate & geography


Stylistic orientation

Personal priorities and preferences, etc.

And it seems like the more we are clear about the limitations and constraints of a project, the more we are able to gain traction for creativity exertion. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's been true for me experientially. That when there is clarity in framing project parameters, the creative process naturally flows with effortlessness and satisfaction.

No gravity, no flight.

Limitations anchor dreams into reality.

How about the feeling of freedom and limitlessness? Now that's a mental state, a way of being, and what we continue to seek integration into our physicality.

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