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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home is experiential. Not any-thing, not made of sticks and stones. Not something we see and touch.

We can give someone a house of their dreams, then two weeks later they can be longing for something more, something else. It may be cliche to say that home is where the heart is, yet we know it is true. And I will add that home is an experience that emanates from who we are.

Life is home. Whatever place, situation, circumstance we are in, our spirit is at home. The echoes of this world will tell us otherwise, and we become identified with the idea that we are what we own. Bigger, better, faster, more - and nothing wrong with that. The realization is simply that home is life itself, and wherever life takes us.

You are already the dream home, the jackpot, the destination. You do not need anything else to be whole and complete.

AND - if this wild and precious life takes you to visions of an abode, an estate, a cottage, or a bachelorette pad, of course we are here to help :)

Be safe, and have fun.

FALL 2021

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