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All Hands In

What To Expect

from ISDA


Versatility and Adaptability

We are the jack of all trades, able to shift and pivot: find the right people, ask the right questions, and get to the most natural solution.



At each decision point, we give you the clarity of our years of experience so you can be confident in making the empowered decision that's right for you.



Trust takes time to develop and earn from all parties. We show up, do the work, and commit to the quality of process and the finish line. 



We steward a circle of camaraderie for the team to problem-solve together in a supportive and creative environment. It's magic and a gift that keep on giving. 


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Lightening Round

tidbits about Ilin Shieh


What I love about architecture is...

That it is both individual work and team work. I have an appreciation of this from having experienced a variety of roles: from being the designer assisting in a team setting, to being the owner doing bookkeeping and office cleaning. The range of hands-on experience allows me to realize the importance of everyone and every role in the process. It takes a village.


What I look forward to is...

Working with people and seeing projects simple or complex to fruition.


If I were a confection, it would be...

An assortment box. Chocolate fudge, chestnut cream, peach cobbler, etc. I enjoy a variety of tasks and rotating through different roles as each project requires.


My Hogwarts House is...

Ravenclaw. I like strategy, learning, research, trying different things and finding creative solutions.


If I were a character on Star Trek, it would be...

A cross between Tandi from Lower Decks (for curiosity), B’Elanna Torres from Voyager (for grit), and Deanna Troi from TNG (for empathy, not looks).


Some random things I can't do without...

Eyeliner pencil, Peet's coffee, yoga mat, treadmill.


Just one more thing...

I love a good whodunnit. British murder mystery is my jam, along with a good cuppa and digestive biscuits.

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