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A Training Room



The institutional training room can be drab. That's why companies hire out hotel conference rooms to shake things up and make learning more interesting. The brain likes novelty, and this update is an attempt to renew without breaking the budget. The T-bar ceiling and troffers are to remain for patch and repair only. New downlights are added for spotlighting and mood lighting in presentation mode. Stylish glass magnetic boards are used to add sleekness to the room. And most important of all, a separate break area is provided for food and beverage service. The circulation remains functional and what you would expect from a classroom setting. The finishes are common and easily accessible from the local home improvement center. There is nothing to hype about this upgrade and the description should begin to make anyone sleepy. But in real time and real space, the refreshment hits the center of the Venn diagram - budget, constructibility, and harmonious aesthetics that honors and rewards the worker's participation and continued dedication. It's a sincere gratitude note without being patronizing.  



Summer 2020


Commercial training room


1000 S.F.


830 S.F. training room

120 S.F. break room

Interior finishes

Interior cabinetry


New ceiling & lighting

Note: Fictional client name shown. Actual undisclosed

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