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A Meeting Room



Lighting is of essence for any conference room re-make. It can affect how the space layers. Together with statement furnishing and coordinating floor and wall finishes, the stage is set for the desired user experience. For this renovation, we have an open-space concept between the conference area and the beverage service area. This is not the most common setup and admittedly not the most practical, but the transparency provides a voyeur experience that makes the space a touch more sexy. From the conference side, the sightline to coffee and pastry service adds a hint of hospitality. From the service side, having full visual connection to the front of the room gives its function legitimacy. For economical reasons, troffers are used as main lighting source. To offset the institutional white-wash, light shelves and downlights are provided for presentation mode, and floor lamps are provided for mood. The armchairs and side benches also have their purpose - to add to the notion that the conference table is a stage, and that all eyes are centered on the play that is the meeting.  



Summer 2020


Commercial conference


1000 S.F.


830 S.F. meeting room

120 S.F. break room

Interior finishes

Interior cabinetry


New ceiling & lighting

Note: Fictional client name shown. Actual undisclosed

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